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Hob Repair & Services

Gandhi Kitchen Center Home Service provides best experienced hob technicians, our Hob repair and service costs are very competitive also we provide 30 days warranty for hob service. We keep our inspection charge very low in market. If you are booking hob service with Gandhi Kitchen Center Home Service, you will not have to worry about quality and after service support, we provide excellent customer support. You can avail our service to repair your hob or do a general cleaning service. All hob technicians could not service all kind of hob models and brands, some hob service technicians are not familiar with certain brands. At Gandhi Kitchen Center Home Service we have technicians to service all kind of hobs, based on your model and brand we will send the experienced technician to your door-step

Common Hob Issues
When you mostly do cooking on a Hob, it becomes very troublesome for you when the Hob starts having any problems. There are different kinds of hobs available in the market, all with different features and functions. Knowing your type of Hob can narrow down the possible cause of the fault.

Take a look at some of the most common Hob malfunctions Erratic flames in the gas hob
If the flames from your gas cooker look yellow, uneven or smaller than normal, this shows that there may be debris in the gas burner or jets. A technician should remove the burner and see the blockages and clean the parts properly with warm water and detergent. The blockages shouldn't be clean with harsh chemicals or wires as this could cause harm and make the problem worse.

Gas leak from a gas hob
If the smell of gas is stronger than normal, you may have a gas leak from the Hob. Turn off the gas Hob and open your doors and windows to allow air in Call the technician immediately. It is worth considering installing a gas detector that sounds an alarm if the levels surpass safety threshold.